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Andreoli, V.; Cassardo, C.; Iacona, L.T.; Spanna, F. Description and Preliminary Simulations with the Italian Vineyard Integrated Numerical Model for Estimating Physiological Values (IVINE) 2019 Agronomy 9
Cassardo, C.; Andreoli, V. On the Representativeness of UTOPIA Land Surface Model for Creating a Database of Surface Layer, Vegetation and Soil Variables in Piedmont Vineyards, Italy 2019 Applied Sciences-Basel 9 3880
Constantin, J.; Raynal, H.; Casellas, E.; Hoffman, H.; Bindi, M.; Doro, L.; Eckersten, H.; Gaiser, T.; Grosz, B.; Haas, E.; Kersebaum, K.-C.; Klatt, S.; Kuhnert, M.; Lewan, E.; Maharjan, G.R.; Moriondo, M.; Nendel, C.; Roggero, P.P.; Specka, X.; Trombi, G.; Villa, A.; Wang, E.; Weihermueller, L.; Yeluripati, J.; Zhao, Z.; Ewert, F.; Bergez, J.-E. Management and spatial resolution effects on yield and water balance at regional scale in crop models 2019 Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 275 184-195
De Swaef, T.; Bellocchi, G.; Aper, J.; Lootens, P.; Roldan-Ruiz, I. Use of identifiability analysis in designing phenotyping experiments for modelling forage production and quality 2019 Journal of Experimental Botany 70 2587-2604
Foyer, C.H.; Siddique, K.H.M.; Tai, A.P.K.; Anders, S.; Fodor, N.; Wong, F.-L.; Ludidi, N.; Chapman, M.A.; Ferguson, B.J.; Considine, M.J.; Zabel, F.; Prasad, P.V.V.; Varshney, R.K.; Nguyen, H.T.; Lam, H.-M. Modelling predicts that soybean is poised to dominate crop production across Africa 2019 Plant Cell and Environment 42 373-385