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Abdelrahman, H.; Cocozza, C.; Olk, D.C.; Ventrella, D.; Miano, T. Carbohydrates and Amino Compounds as Short-Term Indicators of Soil Management: Soil 2017 Clean Soil Air Water 45 757
Bai, H.; Tao, F. Sustainable intensification options to improve yield potential and ecoefficiency for rice-wheat rotation system in China 2017 Field Crops Research 211 89-105
Barber, H.M.; Lukac, M.; Simmonds, J.; Semenov, M.A.; Gooding, M.J. Temporally and Genetically Discrete Periods of Wheat Sensitivity to High Temperature 2017 Frontiers in Plant Science 8 51
Bellocchi, G., B.; Brilli, L.; Ferrise, R.; Dibari, C.; Bindi, M. Model comparison and improvement: Links established with other consortia 2017 FACCE MACSUR Reports 10 XC1.3-D
Biewald, A.; Sinabell, F.; Lotze-Campen, H.; Zimmermann, A.; Lehtonen, H. Global Representative Agricultural Pathways for Europe 2017 FACCE MACSUR Reports 10 T1.2-XC16.2