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Abdelrahman, H.M.; Olk, D.C.; Dinnes, D.; Ventrella, D.; Miano, T.; Cocozza, C. Occurrence and abundance of carbohydrates and amino compounds in sequentially extracted labile soil organic matter fractions 2016 Journal of Soils and Sediments 16 2375-2384
Bai, H.; Tao, F.; Xiao, D.; Liu, F.; Zhang, H. Attribution of yield change for rice-wheat rotation system in China to climate change, cultivars and agronomic management in the past three decades 2016 Climatic Change 135 539-553
Bannink, A.; Dijkstra, J. Effects of roughage characteristics on enteric methane emission in dairy cows 2016 Advances in Animal Biosciences 7 229-230
Bannink, A.; van Lingen, H.J.; Ellis, J.L.; France, J.; Dijkstra, J. The contribution of mathematical modeling to understanding dynamic aspects of rumen metabolism 2016 Frontiers in Microbiology 7 1820
Baranowski, P.; Krzyszczak, J.; Hoffmann, H.; Sławiński, C. Multifractal properties of spatially aggregated meteorological data – a regional study 2016