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Shechter, M. Assessing The Impact Of Climate Change On Agriculture And A Water Economy With A Diverse Mix Of Water Types – The Israeli Case Study 2014
Shrestha, S., B Vosough Ahmadi, S Thomson and A Barnes An assessment of the post 2015 CAP reforms: winners and losers in Scottish farming 2014
Sinabell, F.; E., S. JPI FACCE Knowledge Hub – Modelle zur europäischen Landwirtschaft (Models for agriculture in Europe) 2014
Sinabell, F.; Mitter, H.; E., S. Exploring production and market risks in Austrian agriculture 2014
Twardy, S.; Kopacz, M. Comparison of Concentrations and Loads of Macronutrients Brought with Precipitation and Leaching from the Soil Profile 2014