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Rolinski, S.; Heinke, J.; Weindl, I. Grazing effects on grassland productivity – Linking livestock production to grass yields 2014
Rolinski, S.; Heinke, J.; I., W. Modelling the effects of grassland management on the carbon cycle 2014
Rötter, R.P.; et, A. Examining wheat yield sensitivity to temperature and precipitation changes in Europe for a large crop model ensemble using impact response surfaces 2014
Rötter, R.P.; Höhn, J. An overview of climate change impacts on crop production and its variability in Europe, related uncertainties and research challenges 2014 106-145
Rötter, P.; Palosuo, T.; Semenov, M.; Ruiz-Ramos, M.; Tao, F.; Fronzek, S.; Pirttioja, K.; Bindi, M.; Carter, R.; Hoffmann, H.; Höhn, J.; Kersebaum, C.; Trnka, M. Designing new cereal cultivars as an adaptation measure using crop model ensembles 2014