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Porter, J.R.; Wratten, S. National carbon stocks: Move on to a carbon currency standard 2014 Nature 506 295
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Legarrea, S.; Velázquez, E.; Aguado, P.; Fereres, A.; Morales, I.; Rodríguez, D.; Del Estal, P.; Viñuela, E. Effects of a photoselective greenhouse cover on the performance and host finding ability of Aphidius ervi in a lettuce crop 2014 BioControl 59 265-278
Dumont, B.; Leemans, V.; Ferrandis, S.; Bodson, B.; Destain, J.-P.; Destain, M.-F. Assessing the potential of an algorithm based on mean climatic data to predict wheat yield 2014 Precision Agriculture 15 255-272
Rötter, R.P. Agricultural Impacts: Robust uncertainty 2014 Nature Climate Change 4 251-252