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Biewald, A. The development of cereals and oilseed production until 2050 under different socioeconomic conditions in Finland 2014
Biewald, A.; Rolinski, S.; Lotze-Campen, H.; Schmitz, C.; Dietrich, J.P. Valuing the impact of trade on local blue water 2014 Ecological Economics 101 43-53
Bodin, P. Simulating the sensitivity of carbon and water fluxes as well as yield within the ClimAfrica project 2014
Bodirsky, B.L.; Müller, C. Robust relationship between yields and nitrogen inputs indicates three ways to reduce nitrogen pollution 2014 Environmental Research Letters 9 111005
Bodirsky, B.L.; Popp, A.; Lotze-Campen, H.; Dietrich, J.P.; Rolinski, S.; Weindl, I.; Schmitz, C.; Müller, C.; Bonsch, M.; Humpenöder, F.; Biewald, A.; Stevanovic, M. Reactive nitrogen requirements to feed the world in 2050 and potential to mitigate nitrogen pollution 2014 Nature Communications 5 3858