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Bellocchi, G.; Rivington, M.; Acutis, M. Protocol for model evaluation 2014 FACCE MACSUR Reports 3 D-L2.2/D
Ben Touhami, H.; Bellocchi, G. Bayesian calibration of the Pasture Simulation model (PaSim) to simulate emissions from long-term grassland sites: a European perspective 2014
Bennett, E.; Carpenter, S.R.; Gordon, L.J.; Ramankutty, N.; Balvanera, P.; Campbell, B.; Cramer, W.; Foley, J.; Folke, C.; Carlberg, L.; Lui, J.; Lotze-Campen, H.; Mueller, N.D.; Peterson, G.D.; Polasky, S.; Rockström, J.; Scholes, R.J.; Spierenburg, M. Toward a more resilient agriculture 2014 The Solutions Journal 5 65-75
Bernabucci, U.; Biffani, S.; Buggiotti, L.; Vitali, A.; Lacetera, N.; Nardone, A. The effects of heat stress in Italian Holstein dairy cattle 2014 Journal of Dairy Science 97 471-486
Bertocchi, L.; Vitali, A.; Lacetera, N.; Nardone, A.; Varisco, G.; Bernabucci, U. Seasonal variations in the composition of Holstein cow’s milk and temperature-humidity index relationship 2014 Animal 8 667-674