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Angulo, C.; Gaiser, T.; Rötter, R.P.; Børgesen, C.D.; Hlavinka, P.; Trnka, M.; Ewert, F. ‘Fingerprints’ of four crop models as affected by soil input data aggregation 2014 European Journal of Agronomy 61 35-48
Angulo, C.; Rötter, R.; Trnka, M.; Pirttioja, N.; Gaiser, T.; Hlavinka, P.; Ewert, F. Characteristic ‘fingerprints’ of crop model responses to weather input data at different spatial resolutions 2013 European Journal of Agronomy 49 104-114
Bennetzen, E.H.; Smith, P.; Soussana, J.-F.; Porter, J.R. Identity-based estimation of greenhouse gas emissions from crop production: case study from Denmark 2012 European Journal of Agronomy 41 66-72
Castañeda-Vera, A.; Leffelaar, P.A.; Álvaro-Fuentes, J.; Cantero-Martínez, C.; Mínguez, M.I. Selecting crop models for decision making in wheat insurance 2015 European Journal of Agronomy 68 97-116
Cirillo, V.; Masin, R.; Maggio, A.; Zanin, G. Crop-weed interactions in saline environments 2018 European Journal of Agronomy 99 51-61