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Baranowski, P.; Krzyszczak, J.; Slawinski, C.; Hoffmann, H.; Kozyra, J.; Nieróbca, A.; Siwek, K.; Gluza, A. Multifractal analysis of meteorological time series to assess climate impacts 2015 Climate Research 65 39-52
Bindi, M.; Palosuo, T.; Trnka, M.; Semenov, M.A. Modelling climate change impacts on crop production for food security INTRODUCTION 2015 Climate Research 65 3-5
Ferrise, R.; Toscano, P.; Pasqui, M.; Moriondo, M.; Primicerio, J.; Semenov, M.A.; Bindi, M. Monthly-to-seasonal predictions of durum wheat yield over the Mediterranean Basin 2015 Climate Research 65 7-21
Gabaldón-Leal, C.; Lorite, I.J.; Mínguez, M.I.; Lizaso, J.I.; Dosio, A.; Sanchez, E.; Ruiz-Ramos, M. Strategies for adapting maize to climate change and extreme temperatures in Andalusia, Spain 2015 Climate Research 65 159-173
Hlavinka, P.; Kersebaum, K.C.; Dubrovský, M.; Fischer, M.; Pohanková, E.; Balek, J.; Žalud, Z.; Trnka, M. Water balance, drought stress and yields for rainfed field crop rotations under present and future conditions in the Czech Republic 2015 Climate Research 65 175-192