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Bonatti, M.; Schlindwein, S.L.; De Vasconcelos, A.C.F.; Sieber, S.; Agostini, L.R.D.; Lana, M.A.; Fantini, A.C.; Homem, L.H.I.; Canci, A. Social organization and agricultural strategies to face climate variability: a case study in Guaraciaba, southern Brazil 2013 Sustainable Agriculture Research 2 118
de Visser, C.; Schoorlemmer, H.; Golaszewski, J.; Olba-Ziety, E.; Stolarski, M.; Brodzinski, Z.; Myhan, R.; Baptista, F.; Silva, L.L.; Murcho, D.; de Castro Neto, M.; Meyer-Aurich, A.; Briassoulis, D.P., P.; Balafoutis, A.; Lutsyuk, C.; Dalgaard, T. Agenda for Transnational Co-operation on energy efficiency in agriculture 2013 Project deliverable report 4.5. FP7 EU project: Agriculture & Energy Efficiency AGREE,
Dumont, B.; Basso, B.; Leemans, V.; Bodson, B.; Destain, J.-P.; Destain, M.-F. Systematic analysis of site-specific yield distributions resulting from nitrogen management and climatic variability interactions 2015 Precision Agriculture 16 361-384
Dumont, B.; Leemans, V.; Ferrandis, S.; Bodson, B.; Destain, J.-P.; Destain, M.-F. Assessing the potential of an algorithm based on mean climatic data to predict wheat yield 2014 Precision Agriculture 15 255-272
Francioni, M.; D’Ottavio, P.; Lai, R.; Trozzo, L.; Budimir, K.; Foresi, L.; Kishimoto-Mo, A.W.; Baldoni, N.; Allegrezza, M.; Tesei, G.; Toderi, M. Seasonal Soil Respiration Dynamics and Carbon-Stock Variations in Mountain Permanent Grasslands Compared to Arable Lands 2019 Agriculture-Basel 9 165