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Hjelkrem, A.-G.R.; Höglind, M.; van Oijen, M.; Schellberg, J.; Gaiser, T.; Ewert, F. Sensitivity analysis and Bayesian calibration for testing robustness of the BASGRA model in different environments 2017 Ecological Modelling 359 80-91
Höglind, M.; Van Oijen, M.; Cameron, D.; Persson, T. Process-based simulation of growth and overwintering of grassland using the BASGRA model 2016 Ecological Modelling 335 1-15
Korhonen, P.; Palosuo, T.; Persson, T.; Höglind, M.; Jego, G.; Van Oijen, M.; Gustavsson, A.-M.; Belanger, G.; Virkajärvi, P. Modelling grass yields in northern climates – a comparison of three growth models for timothy 2018 Field Crops Research 224 37-47
Van Oijen, M.; Höglind, M. Toward a Bayesian procedure for using process-based models in plant breeding, with application to ideotype design 2016 Euphytica 207 627-643
Kipling, R.P.; Bannink, A.; Bellocchi, G.; Dalgaard, T.; Fox, N.J.; Hutchings, N.J.; Kjeldsen, C.; Lacetera, N.; Sinabell, F.; Topp, C.F.E.; van Oijen, M.; Virkajärvi, P.; Scollan, N.D. Modeling European ruminant production systems: Facing the challenges of climate change 2016 Agricultural Systems 147 24-37