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Biewald, A.; Sinabell, F.; Lotze-Campen, H.; Zimmermann, A.; Lehtonen, H. Global Representative Agricultural Pathways for Europe 2017 FACCE MACSUR Reports 10 T1.2-XC16.2
Frank, S.; Witzke, P.; Zimmermann, A.; Havlik, P.; Ciaian, P. Climate Change Impacts on European Agriculture: A Multi Model Perspective 2014
Köchy, M.; Bishop, J.; Lehtonen, H.; Scollan, N.; Webber, H.; Zimmermann, A.; Bellocchi, G.; Bannink, A.; Biewald, A.; Ferrise, R.; Helming, K.; Kipling, R.P.; Milford, A.; Özkan Gülzari, Ş.; Ruiz-Ramos, M.; Curth-van Middelkoop, J. Challenges and research gaps in the area of integrated climate change risk assessment for European agriculture and food security 2017 FACCE MACSUR Reports 10 H0.1-D
Köchy, M.; Zimmermann, A. Workshop on Regional Pilot Studies, 5-7 June 2013, Braunschweig 2013 FACCE MACSUR Reports 2 R-H1.2.1
Stocco, L.; Adenäuer, M.; Zimmermann, A. Global land use response in agricultural sector models: estimating supply and area response in Argentina 2013