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Bai, H.; Tao, F.; Xiao, D.; Liu, F.; Zhang, H. Attribution of yield change for rice-wheat rotation system in China to climate change, cultivars and agronomic management in the past three decades 2016 Climatic Change 135 539-553
Tao, F.; Zhang, Z.; Zhang, S.; Rötter, R.P.; Shi, W.; Xiao, D.; Liu, Y.; Wang, M.; Liu, F.; Zhang, H. Historical data provide new insights into response and adaptation of maize production systems to climate change/variability in China 2016 Field Crops Research 185 1-11
Yin, X.; Olesen, J.E.; Li, W.; Wang, M.; Zhang, H. Contributions of climatic, technological and social factors to maize yield in the northeast farming region of China during 1985 to 2009 2015
Yin, X.; Olesen, J.E.; Wang, M.; Öztürk, I.; Zhang, H.; Chen, F. Impacts and adaptation of the cropping systems to climate change in the Northeast Farming Region of China 2016 European Journal of Agronomy 78 60-72