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Sandor, R.; Ehrhardt, F.; Grace, P.; Recous, S.; Smith, P.; Snow, V.; Soussana, J.-F.; Basso, B.; Bhatia, A.; Brilli, L.; Doltra, J.; Dorich, C.D.; Doro, L.; Fitton, N.; Grant, B.; Harrison, M.T.; Kirschbaum, M.U.F.; Klumpp, K.; Laville, P.; Leonard, J.; Martin, R.; Massad, R.-S.; Moore, A.; Myrgiotis, V.; Pattey, E.; Rolinski, S.; Sharp, J.; Skiba, U.; Smith, W.; Wu, L.; Zhang, Q.; Bellocchi, G. Ensemble modelling of carbon fluxes in grasslands and croplands 2020 Field Crops Research 252 107791
Soussana, J.-F.; Fereres, E.; Long, S.P.; Mohren, F.G.M.J.; Pandya-Lorch, R.; Peltonen-Sainio, P.; Porter, J.R.; Rosswall, T.; von Braun, J. A European science plan to sustainably increase food security under climate change 2012 Global Change Biology 18 3269-3271