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Eitzinger, J.; Thaler, S.; Schmid, E.; Strauss, F.; Ferrise, R.; Moriondo, M.; Bindi, M.; Palosuo, T.; Rotter, R.; Kersebaum, K.C.; Olesen, J.E.; Patil, R.H.; Saylan, L.; Caldag, B.; Caylak, O. Sensitivities of crop models to extreme weather conditions during flowering period demonstrated for maize and winter wheat in Austria 2013 Journal of Agricultural Science 151 813-835
Hlavinka, P.; Olesen, J.E.; Kersebaum, K.-C.; Trnka, M.; Pohankova, E.; Stella, T.; Ferrise, R.; Moriondo, M.; Hoogenbom, G.; Shelia, V.; Nendel, C.; Wimmerová, M.; Topaj, A.; Medvedev, S.; Ventrella, D.; Ruiz-Ramos, M.; Rodríguez Sánchez, A.; Takáč, J.; Patil, R.H.; Öztürk, I.; Hoffmann, M.; Gobin, A.; Rötter, R.P. Modelling long term effects of cropping and managements systems on soil organic matter, C/N dynamics and crop growth 2017 FACCE MACSUR Reports 10 C1.3-D
Patil, R.H.; Laegdsmand, M.; Olesen, J.E.; Porter, J.R. Soil temperature manipulation to study global warming effects in arable land: performance of buried heating-cable method 2014 Environment and Ecology Research 1 196-204
Rötter, R.P.; Palosuo, T.; Kersebaum, K.C.; Angulo, C.; Bindi, M.; Ewert, F.; Ferrise, R.; Hlavinka, P.; Moriondo, M.; Nendel, C.; Olesen, J.E.; Patil, R.H.; Ruget, F.; Takác, J.; Trnka, M. Simulation of spring barley yield in different climatic zones of Northern and Central Europe: A comparison of nine crop models 2012 Field Crops Research 133 23-36
Salo, T.J.; Palosuo, T.; Kersebaum, K.C.; Nendel, C.; Angulo, C.; Ewert, F.; Bindi, M.; Calanca, P.; Klein, T.; Moriondo, M.; Ferrise, R.; Olesen, J.E.; Patil, R.H.; Ruget, F.; Takáč, J.; Hlavinka, P.; Trnka, M.; Rötter, R.P. Comparing the performance of 11 crop simulation models in predicting yield response to nitrogen fertilization 2016 Journal of Agricultural Science 154 1218-1240