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Lehtonen, H.; Palosuo, T.; Korhonen, P.; Liu, X. Higher Crop Yield Levels in the North Savo Region—Means and Challenges Indicated by Farmers and Their Close Stakeholders 2018 Agriculture 8 93
Korhonen, P.; Palosuo, T.; Persson, T.; Höglind, M.; Jego, G.; Van Oijen, M.; Gustavsson, A.-M.; Belanger, G.; Virkajärvi, P. Modelling grass yields in northern climates – a comparison of three growth models for timothy 2018 Field Crops Research 224 37-47
Virkajärvi, P.; Korhonen, P.; Bellocchi, G.; Curnel, Y.; Wu, L.; Jégo, G.; Persson, T.; Höglind, M.; Van Oijen, M.; Gustavsson, A.-M.; Kipling, R.P. Modelling responses of forages to climate change with a focus on nutritive value 2016 Advances in Animal Biosciences 7 227-228
Korhonen, P.; Palosuo, T.; Höglind, M.; Persson, T.; Oijen, M.V.; Jégo, G.; Virkajärvi, P.; Bélanger, G.; Gustavsson, A.-M. Intercomparison of timothy models in northern countries 2016
Korhonen, P.; Palosuo, T.; Höglind, M.; Persson, T.; van Oijen, M.; Jego, G.; Virkajärvi, P.; Belanger, G.; Gustavsson, A.M. Intercomparison of models for simulating timothy yield in Northern countries. The multiple roles of grassland in the European bioeconomy 2016