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Kanellopoulos, A.; Reidsma, P.; Wolf, J.; van Ittersum, M.K. Assessing climate change and associated socio-economic scenarios for arable farming in the Netherlands: An application of benchmarking and bio-economic farm modelling 2014 European Journal of Agronomy 52 69-80
Kros, J.; Bakker, M.M.; Reidsma, P.; Kanellopoulos, A.; Jamal Alam, S.; de Vries, W. Impacts of agricultural changes in response to climate and socioeconomic change on nitrogen deposition in nature reserves 2015 Landscape Ecology 30 871-885
Mandryk, M.; Reidsma, P.; Kanellopoulos, A.; Groot, J.C.J.; van Ittersum, M.K. The role of farmers’ objectives in current farm practices and adaptation preferences: a case study in Flevoland, the Netherlands 2014 Regional Environmental Change 14 1463-1478
Paas, W.; Kanellopoulos, A.; van de Ven, G.; Reidsma, P. Integrated impact assessment of climate and socio-economic change on dairy farms in a watershed in the Netherlands 2016 NJAS – Wageningen Journal of Life Sciences
Reidsma, P.; Bakker, M.M.; Kanellopoulos, A.; Alam, S.J.; Paas, W.; Kros, J.; de Vries, W. Assessing changes in farm management and farm structural change and impacts on sustainable development in a rural area in the Netherlands 2015