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König, H.J. Operationalising sustainability impact assessment of land use scenarios in developing countries: A stakeholder-based approach with case studies in China, India, Indonesia, Kenya, and Tunisia 2014
König, H.J.; Helming, K.; Seddaiu, G.; Kipling, R.; Köchy, M.; Graversgaard, M.; van den Pol-van Dasselaar, A.; Nguyen, T.P.L.; Quaranta, G.; Salvia, R.; Sieber, S.; Ithes, S.; Kjeldsen, C.; Turner, K.G.; Dalgaard, T.; Roggero, P.P. Stakeholder participation in agricultural research: Who should be involved, why, and how?
König, H.J.; Uthes, S.; Schuler, J.; Zhen, L.; Purushothaman, S.; Suarma, U.; Sghaier, M.; Makokha, S.; Helming, K.; Sieber, S.; Chen, L.; Brouwer, F.; Morris, J.; Wiggering, H. Regional impact assessment of land use scenarios in developing countries using the FoPIA approach: findings from five case studies 2013 Journal of Environmental Management 127 Suppl S56-S64
Zhen, L.; Deng, X.; Wei, Y.; Jiang, Q.; Lin, Y.; Helming, K.; Wang, C.; König, H.J.; Hu, J. Future land use and food security scenarios for the Guyuan district of remote western China 2014 iForest 7 372-384