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Heinke, J.; Ostberg, S.; Schaphoff, S.; Frieler, K.; Müller, C.; Gerten, D.; Meinshausen, M.; Lucht, W. A new climate dataset for systematic assessments of climate change impacts as a function of global warming 2013 Geoscientific Model Development 6 1689-1703
Hoff, H.; Gerten, D.; Waha, K.; Warner, J.; Keulertz, M.; Sojamo, S. Green and Blue Water in Africa: How Foreign Direct Investment can Support Sustainable Intensification 2013 359-375
Jägermeyr, J.; Gerten, D.; Heinke, J.; Schaphoff, S.; Kummu, M.; Lucht, W. Water savings potentials of irrigation systems: global simulation of processes and linkages 2015 Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 19 3073-3091
Jägermeyr, J.; Gerten, D.; Schaphoff, S.; Heinke, J.; Lucht, W.; Rockström, J. Integrated crop water management might sustainably halve the global food gap 2016 Environmental Research Letters 11 025002