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Kersebaum, K.C.; Boote, K.J.; Jorgenson, J.S.; Nendel, C.; Bindi, M.; Frühauf, C.; Gaiser, T.; Hoogenboom, G.; Kollas, C.; Olesen, J.E.; Rötter, R.P.; Ruget, F.; Thorburn, P.J.; Trnka, M.; Wegehenkel, M. Analysis and classification of data sets for calibration and validation of agro-ecosystem models 2015 Environmental Modelling & Software 72 402-417
Kersebaum, C.; Boote, J.; Jorgenson, S.; Kollas, C.; Nendel, C.; Wegehenkel, M.; Bindi, M.; Olesen, E.; Frühauf, C.; Gaiser, T.; Ruget, F.; Rötter, P.; Trnka, M. A scheme to evaluate suitability of experimental data for model testing and improvement 2014