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Köchy, M.; Banse, M.; Brouwer, F.; Dono, G.A.G., L. Integrated modelling of climate impacts on food and farming at regional to supranational scales 2013
Dono, G.; Cortignani, R.; Giraldo, L.; Roggero, P.P. Climate change and irrigated farming in the Mediterranean: lower expectation of favorable conditions to profitability rather than harshening of adverse conditions
Dono, G., Raffaele Cortignani, Paola Deligios, Luca Doro, Luca Giraldo, Luigi Ledda, Graziano Mazzapicchio, Massimiliano Pasqui, Pier Paolo Roggero Economic assessment of the impact of uncertainty associated with short-run change in climate variability in Mediterranean farming systems 2013
Dono, G. Cross-Cutting Issues in Hot Spot Areas 2013
Dono, G. Climate change scenarios and simulations on adaptation of Mediterranean agriculture: preliminary results of productive and economic impact 2013