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Dono, G.; Cortignani, R.; Doro, L.; Giraldo, L.; Ledda, L.; Pasqui, M.; Roggero, P.P. An integrated assessment of the impacts of changing climate variability on agricultural productivity and profitability in an irrigated Mediterranean catchment 2013 Water Resource Management 27 3607-3622
Cortignani, R.; Dono, G. Simulation of the impact of greening measures in an agricultural area of the southern Italy 2015 Land Use Policy 48 525-533
Nguyen, T.; Mula, L.; Cortignani, R.; Seddaiu, G.; Dono, G.; Virdis, S.; Pasqui, M.; Roggero, P.-P. Perceptions of present and future climate change impacts on water availability for agricultural systems in the western Mediterranean region 2016 Water 8 523 (18 pp)
Dono, G.; Cortignani, R.; Dell’Unto, D.; Doro, L.; Lacetera, N.; Mula, L.; Pasqui, M.; Quaresima, S.; Vitali, A.; Roggero, P.P. Productive and economic adaptation of Mediterranean agriculture to climate change (Produktive und wirtschaftliche Anpassung der mediterranen Landwirtschaft an den Klimawandel) 2014 Jahrbuch der ÖGA 24 213-222